What's in my Work Bag

Starting a new job is stressful – whether this is your first job out of college or your fifth.

You have to decide what to wear, worry if you are going to start off on the right foot with your colleagues, will there be traffic on your first day - all of the things. The one thing you can control is what you bring with you, so be prepared.

Here’s what I keep with me in my bag to ensure I’m ready for my day.

  1. Notebook and pen – A true staple. During your first few weeks, you’re going to be given so much information that you'll need to write it down; it will also show that you want to learn and remember important information.

  2. Book – I take the bus to and from work, so a book is a necessity for me. Instead of just staring out the window, I usually listen to some music while reading a good book – it helps pass the time, especially while stuck in traffic.

  3. Headphones – As I mentioned, I take the bus to work, so I need my headphones to block out all of the noise, or when I want to catch up on some shows during lunch!

  4. Lunch – This one is self-explanatory. If your building doesn’t have a cafeteria or someplace close to get your lunch, bring it with you to save time and money. Working in Charlotte, I take advantage of all the restaurants around me, but on certain days, sometimes you just want something from home.

  5. Gum/mints – Because no one wants bad breath after a cup of coffee or their lunch!

  6. Makeup bag – I use my makeup bag to hold all of my essentials; perfume, acid reducers, glucose tablets, lip gloss, lip balm, ibuprofen, cough drops, allergy meds, and a whole bunch more. You need something? Chances are I have it.

  7. Wallet – I actually have two wallets that I carry around. I have my normal wallet with all of my coupons, drivers license, debit cards, etc., but then I also have a small card case that I keep my bus pass and work badge in. Trust me, it gives you some serious peace of mind not having to take your whole wallet with you wherever you go – less of a chance of losing it.

  8. Shoes – I cannot stress this enough. If you commute, wear flats or sneakers and bring your heels with you in your bag. As I sit here typing this, I have some serious blisters on my heels from uncomfortable shoes. I didn’t follow my own advice and wore heels to work…and ended up in pain. Be smart, wear comfy shoes and get changed when you get to your desk.

Packing these few essentials in your bag will ensure your new job runs smoothly!

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