Top 5 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

I hate winter - the cold, the snow, the dry air, the gray skies…all of it. From the end of November to the middle of March, I’m miserable.

Why am I so miserable? Aside from being cold, the winter destroys my skin – it gets dry, itchy, red, and irritated. The cold outside leaves my skin feeling dry and chapped, while the heat inside sucks out all of the moisture.

Here are my tips for keeping your skin healthy during those cold winter months.

Invest in a really good face cream. I know you’ve read my posts about choosing safer skincare, but this is one time you should really listen. There are chemicals in those store brand face creams that actually dry your skin out more, leaving your skin worse than it was before. My advice would be to look into Beautycounter’s moisturizers and oils. These have all safe ingredients and soak into your skin well, which will help to create a barrier from the cold.

Invest in a humidifier to maximize moisture. Using a humidifier in your home will add moisture to the dry winter air and leave your skin feeling somewhat moisturized.

Moisturize frequently. I suggested purchasing a good face cream, but you also need to keep the rest of your skin moisturized. Buy yourself a bottle (or two) of lotion for your hands after each time you wash them, as well as a lip balm. Be choosy with the lip balm you choose, because most lip products dry out your lips so you’ll use more and re-purchase. My suggestion is the Beautycounter lip balm or lip conditioner.

Lower your shower temperature. If hot showers are your thing, and after a long day, nothing sounds better than basically scalding your skin in the shower. DON’T DO THIS. Not only are you damaging your skin, you’re drying it out. Your best course of action is to take a 10-minute lukewarm shower or bath, so your skin doesn’t dry out.

Stay hydrated. Moisturizing your skin from the outside is extremely important, but you need to do the same inside. Drink. Your. Water. Keeping your body hydrated is vital to keeping your skin looking glowing, fresh, and help your skin’s elasticity. The more water you drink, the better off you will be.

I hope these tips have helped during these cold winter months!

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