Get Rid of the Digital Clutter

Compared to 2010, our phones are our lifelines. We use them to keep up with our friends and family, schedule appointments, take photos, and so much more, but by the end of the year, my phone feels cluttered. Old screenshots, apps I don’t use, and people on Facebook I don’t care what they’re up to. That’s why, each year in January, I do a digital purge.

Here are my tips for getting rid of the digital clutter.

Clean out the apps you don’t use.

We’re all guilty of downloading apps, using them once and then never again. Especially if you have kids - they obsess over the game for a bit, then one day they just stop playing it. Time to free up some memory on your phone. Sort through all of your apps and get rid of the ones you don’t need. Who knows, you may find some apps that you’re paying subscriptions for – when you cancel them, there’s some found money each month! Once you’ve gone through the apps and decided on the keepers, to stay organized, put them in folders.

Sort through your photos.

I don’t know about you, but I take hundreds of photos. When I go to take a photo of my dogs, I end up taking 50 to make sure I get the perfect shot, and then never deleting the bad ones. The time is here and the photos need to go! Start at the beginning and begin deleting – get rid of all the ones you either have backed up on a hard drive or that you have no emotional attachment to anymore. Once you have your photos narrowed down, start creating albums to better organize them - pets, kids, events, vacations, screenshots...all of the albums!

Clean out your inbox.

This is one thing that I always do: keep a clean inbox. I cannot stand having a full inbox, I like to get rid of any emails about sales or special promotions so I’m not tempted to make a purchase that I don’t need. The new year is the best time to go ahead and start unsubscribing from emails you no longer need or want to receive – in the end, it’ll save you money on those spontaneous purchases when your favorite store is having a sale.

Clean up text message list

If you’re anything like me, you sign up for tons of text messages from stores and have text messages from years ago…. time to let them all go! Start the year off fresh by going through your text message list and getting rid of all of the wrong numbers, texts from 2018, and store promo text messages. You’ll feel better once you do!

Delete/unfollow people on Facebook and Instagram

At one point, I had nearly 3,000 friends on Facebook – from high school, college, and a good chunk of NASCAR fans when I was running The NASCAR Corner. You’d think that I’d be happy – my posts would get tons of likes and comments, tons of posts to read, etc. – but that wasn't the case. I was never sadder. I realized that the number of friends you have on social media doesn’t equal the number of friends you actually have. So, naturally, I went on a Facebook purge. If I hadn’t talked to you within the last year or you didn’t bring happiness to my life – delete. Marie Kondo your social media accounts. “Do you bring joy to my life? No. Delete.”

I promise, once you do these few things, you’re going to feel so much better and your phone will thank you for clearing up all of that memory space! If you keep up with these throughout the year, your digital life will be that much more organized!

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