Productivity…or Lack There of

Have I been the most productive the last four (!!!) weeks working from home? Absolutely not. Has our laundry piled up? Absolutely. Do we currently have dishes in our sink? Yep. Have we watched all of American Housewife? Again, yes, and I didn’t regret a minute of it. Do I stay in my pajamas or comfy clothes all day? Most days. I’m okay with all of this though. This is a weird time.

My productivity comes in surges. I have zero ambition to do laundry, get changed, or take care of the dishes, but will do pretty much anything else. I’m using this time for personal growth; I truly didn’t think we’d be home for this long, so I’m adjusting the best way I know how to – by being creative.

  • I’ve come up with a solid content calendar for my blog. I’d love to grow Magnolias and Moscato the way I did with my NASCAR blog, giving my readers something they would enjoy. I have three notebook pages of post ideas, so be ready for some varying content over the next month or two!

  • I’ve worked my Beautycounter business (hello, extra income). Not only have I grown my business, my goal was to provide “care packages” to those who needed a pick-me-up and I did just that. To date, I have sent out over 20 packages. I would love to help those right now who have lost their income – message me and we can talk about the possibility of Beautycounter becoming your new source of income. It seems so taboo to talk about selling skin care right now, but you know what, people are focusing more on their self-care now due to being home and wanting to feel good about themselves and I am here for it!

  • I’ve read books that have sat on my bookshelf, unread for months (or years), collecting dust. Sometimes you just need to pick up a book and get lost in the book’s world for a bit. Blog post on my top book picks will be coming soon!

  • I’ve taken some free online classes through Coursera. Now is the time to brush up on, or learn some new skills. I took a “Psychology of Being Happy” course through Harvard – completely free! Now I’m taking a class on Customer Relationship Management. You can do these classes at your own pace, so there’s no strict schedule.

  • I’ve also watched a lot of YouTube videos. Y’all, there is nothing wrong with sitting down and watching YouTube videos or TV shows. Some people feel that they need to be up and doing things, but I am not that person. Watch some videos, have some wine, and relax. No one will judge you for sitting down and catching up on some of your favorite shows and movies!

  • Finally, I’m starting the process of getting rid of some furniture on Facebook Marketplace that we don’t need anymore, and sorting through everything to start packing it up. We’re moving May 15, so I have about five weeks to get everything done. Any time we’ve moved within the last six years, it’s been a last-minute thing, so we’ve packed our apartments up in less than a week. I’m excited to have this time to go through everything (yes, again) and pack things in order. I’m hoping that I can have this be an organized move and as stress-free as possible.

I’m simply sharing what I’ve been doing while being home and this has kept me feeling pretty sane. These are some uncertain times and whatever you do to keep yourself happy, keep doing it!

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