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Self care is one of my top priorities. I love charcoal masks on Sunday evenings, going to get my eyebrows done, and getting manicures and pedicures at lunchtime on Friday. For some, they don’t like spending money on manicures, but for me, it makes me feel alive. Well…maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I really do enjoy it.

From the time I was a little girl, my mom instilled in me that it’s okay to go ahead and spend some money to make yourself feel good, and for me, if my nails are done, I feel like a new woman.

When I made the switch to a cleaner lifestyle earlier this year, I struggled to find a nail salon that I liked that would give me the “clean” aspect I was looking for. Fast forward to August. I was sitting at home one day looking at my SNS dipped nails and I was horrified. I started thinking about all of the harmful chemicals in the products as well as how many other people had their nails in the same dip powder container and I was disgusted. I immediately ran to Target to buy some nail polish remover. I wanted this stuff off my nails ASAP.

Just when I was feeling like my nails would never be pretty again, I received an Instagram ad from Paint Nail Bar. I clicked the profile to see what it was all about and was extremely excited. The one time an ad was actually for something I was interested in!

I quickly scheduled my appointment for a manicure and pedicure with Paula and from

the minute I walked in, I was truly amazed. Not only was the nail bar spotless, there were no paint fumes or dust – something that always gave me a headache in traditional salons. Between the warm welcome, option of having a mimosa (always yes), and the comfy chairs for the pedicures, I was hooked. My experience from start to finish was nothing short of spectacular!

My favorite part of Paint [that goes along with my cleaner lifestyle] is the type of polish they use. They use 5, 7, and 9-free nail polishes and lacquers, meaning they are the best on the market. 5, 7, 9-free are the number of hazardous ingredients removed from the polishes. I love that I can treat myself to manicures and pedicures and don’t have to worry about giving up my clean, healthy lifestyle. I strongly encourage you to check out their website to learn more.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life - like finding a non-toxic nail bar - that really make you feel good.

Check out their Instagram for some serious nail inspiration!

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