Our Kitchen Clean Out

Out of all the rooms in our house, the kitchen is where we spend a good chunk of our time, so we tend to buy more kitchen appliances and accessories than anything else.

This is one room I was dreading – there’s just so much stuff that I didn’t even know where to begin. I started small with the drawers and worked my way around the kitchen to the cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator.

Here are some of my tips for de-cluttering your kitchen!

  • We all have tons of plastic and wooden utensils – doubles and sometimes triples of the same thing. Is that necessary? Do we really need three slotted spoons? Absolutely not. In our case, we had eight…yes, eight, spatulas.

  • Time to conquer the pantry. Pull out all of the items in your pantry and sort them by category: baking, canned goods, pasta, sauces, etc., and then check the expiration dates. Any dates that have passed, time to toss! Be honest with yourself, if you’ve had it for a while and still haven’t eaten it, if it isn’t expired, donate it, if it is, throw it out.

  • Kitchen gadgets… we registered for so many things when we got engaged and you know where everything lives? In a drawer in our kitchen, never been used. I’m going to make a conscious effort to start using them more and everything that is old and hasn’t been used in a while, I’ll be donating.

  • Our worst offender…spices. Every time we go to Aldi or Home Goods and see some spice that we don’t have (or don’t think we have), we pick it up. You know what that leads to? Five garlic salts. Take out all of the spices, sort them, and any doubles you have, combine them! This will free up some space.

  • We all have those plastic cups from sporting events or Disney. Right now, I can think of so many plastic cups with Cardinals events on them sitting in our cabinet that have been used so much that the design on the front is worn out. Time to go! Sort through all of those plastic cups, dishes, and mugs and toss or donate any that you no longer use or want.

  • Pots and pans are something we just went through not too long ago. We had multiple sets with pieces missing, so we donated all of them to Goodwill and went out and bought a new cohesive set.

  • Storage containers…I feel this one doesn’t need any explanation. We all have storage containers that are deformed from heating them up in the microwave or that are missing lids. Good-bye to you, old storage containers.

I hope this has helped inspire you to go de-clutter your kitchen!

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