My Office/Closet Clean-Out

Updated: Feb 8

This week I started my de-cluttering journey in my office. My office, which doubles as my closet, was an absolute disaster. I went in there with the intention of getting rid of a lot of stuff, but when I walked in, it was worse than I thought. I immediately looked around and saw a ton of items that needed to be tossed before I even started. My goal with this process was to get rid of anything that I didn’t want or need anymore – to get rid of the things that don’t impact my happiness.

After looking around, I took photos of everything (all before and afters are at the bottom). It was partially so I could see before and after photos, but they would also act as a reminder to never let that room get to that point again. Even looking at the photos now, I’m embarrassed. Embarrassed that I let the room get to that point, but mostly embarrassed that I have that much stuff.

After taking the photos, I went ahead and put on some music on Spotify to get the good vibes rolling (I recommend the Cleaning playlist), grabbed a towel and furniture cleaner, and got to work. I got out some Rubbermaid bins that I would use for donations and consignment and sorted through everything.

I started with the left side of the room and worked my way around. My first step was a big poufy chair that was where everything landed. There were blankets, shirts that needed to be donated, a small stuffed Flounder (The Little Mermaid), and a really old Apple TV that needed to be thrown out. I folded the blankets, removed the miscellaneous other things, and lint rolled the cushions. Stage one – complete.

Next, I moved onto the bookcase. I am an avid reader – I love buying books whenever I’m at Barnes and Noble – but that means I have more books than I need. I pulled all of the books out, picked out the ones I’ve read, and put them in the donation pile. I was honest with myself and knew I wouldn’t re-read them, so to Goodwill they go! I wiped the shelves down, put the remaining books back, and moved on to my armoire, chest of drawers, and closet. This is where all of my clothes are, so this was the most daunting part for me. I pulled everything out, and sorted into keep, donate, toss, and consign. See my tips below for my process of what I decided to keep, donate, and toss.

Finally, I went and sorted through my desk, which was the least painful part. I took out all of my notebooks, pens, and miscellaneous other things, sorted through it, wiped down the drawers, and that was it. Everything was put back where it needed to go, and I was done!

When I finished, I ended up with two bags of trash, one bag of donate, and 7 trash bags that need to go to the consignment shop. Now that my office is organized and I’ve gotten rid of unnecessary items, I feel more empowered to do this to the rest of our house.

Here are my tips for de-cluttering your bedroom closet.

  • Pull everything out and look at each item. This will help you figure out if you have an emotional attachment to it, or if it can be donated.

  • Ask yourself the following questions: - Am I keeping it for sentimental reasons? - Has it been worn within the last six months? - Does it fit? - Was it expensive? - If I saw it in a store now, would I re-purchase? - Does it look good on me? - Is it damaged?

  • Get rid of those clothes that “I’ll wear soon”, but never do.

  • Purses, keep a select few, but get rid of the ones that you no longer use.

  • Get rid of any shoes that hurt your feet, are broken, or that you haven’t worn in forever and are just waiting for the right occasion to wear.

I hope this helps you find some motivation to sort through your clothes and de-clutter! Up next this weekend, the kitchen!

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