Making the Switch to Safer Beauty

Why do I love Beautycounter? Long story short, because of the safe, clean products and the mission of the company to change the beauty industry, one ingredient at a time.

Now here’s the long story…

Headaches … we all get them. Between the months of March and June, I was suffering more than usual. I thought for sure it had to do with a lack of water intake, so I upped the amount of water I drank per day. No change. I thought it had to do with the stress of moving, starting a new job, and the wedding, but after our honeymoon, I was still having these headaches; so clearly, it wasn’t a stress issue.

This prompted me to take a look at anything and everything that was new during those four months.

I hadn’t changed my diet at all, but I had started using a new skin care and makeup line. Upon doing some research, slowly, I stopped using these products and started replacing them with Beautycounter because of all of the amazing things I had heard about the company. Wouldn’t you know that they completely stopped; the headaches being caused by one of the ingredients in the makeup.

For the first time in months, I felt relief.

My ask of you all is to take a look at what your putting on your body – not just your face. If a chemical in products can cause a headache, imagine what else it could do. Cancer, thyroid issues, and infertility were just a few of the side effects that I found.

In just five months, my headaches are gone, and I feel so much better. Better both physically and knowing that what I am putting on my skin isn’t toxic. Beautycounter has truly amazing products and I have peace of mind knowing they are safe for me, as there are more than 1,500 banned ingredients that are not safe.

After learning all of the bad and harmful ingredients that were in the cosmetics I was using, I took a look at our entire house – everything harmful needed to go. Since my “clean up” of our life, I’ve replaced hand soaps, shampoo, deodorant, and kitchen and bathroom cleaners. It’s a slow process because, goodness, we use a lot of products. In my eyes, switching to cleaner products is so incredibly worth it.

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