Delicious, Homemade Marinara Sauce

Last week I posted a photo on Instagram of my homemade marinara sauce using everything from my garden and people went crazy, wanting to know how I made it. Truth is, I don’t have an exact recipe for my marinara sauce, I go by taste, but here’s my take on it!


  • 1 sweet onion

  • Handful of fresh basil

  • Pinch of fresh oregano

  • Tomatoes

  • Olive oil

  • Tomato paste

  • 4 cloves of fresh garlic


  1. Start by pouring a tablespoon of olive oil in a pot and letting it heat up. While it’s heating up, dice a sweet yellow onion.

  2. When the oil is up to temperature, toss in the onion and stir; you’ll want these to become translucent.

  3. While these are cooking, mince up the garlic cloves. You can use the already minced garlic, but trust me, fresh tastes so much better. When the onions are ready, add in the garlic and let that cook.

  4. While these two delicious smells are melding together, go ahead and grab 10(ish) ripe tomatoes and dice them up. No need to make them even, I just quarter them to save some time. Keep in mind that these will cook down quite a bit, so gauge how much sauce you will need when buying (or harvesting) the tomatoes. I used all of the ones we had from our garden, so I had a nice large pot of sauce going, which was good for lunch the next day!

  5. Once the garlic and onions are cooked down, throw in the tomatoes and let those break down a bit. Add in the can of tomato paste (this will help thicken and bind the sauce), salt, and pepper, to taste.

  6. While that’s cooking up, I chiffonade fresh basil and oregano, then adding that to the sauce.

  7. Let simmer for 30-45 minutes and you’ll have a delicious sauce waiting for you. At this point, you can either leave it as is with some tomato skins and seeds, or you can take an immersion blender to it and blend it all up – totally your choice!

If you make this, post a picture and tag me, I’d love to see your take on this delicious sauce!

© 2020 by Magnolias and Moscato